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                    Company introduction

                    Formerly known as Shanghai Jingxing Rack Factory, Jingxing Logistics Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (short for JINGXING) is founded in 1989.It is the biger manufacturers of storage rack and AS/RS (automatic storage and retrieval system) racking system, and one of the high-tech private enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of logistic equipment. The company has manufacturing bases both in Xinzhuang Industrial Zone and Songjiang Industrial Zone in Shanghai, with total land area of over 150,000 m2. In 2015, JINGXING launched a new construction work of new manufacturing factory for logistics equipment in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, with total land area of over 210,000 m2.

                    Entitled with “High-Tech Enterprise of Shanghai” and “Top 50 private enterprises in 2016”, the company is certified ISO9001 and ISO14000, and the brand “JINGXING” is honored as “Shanghai Famous Brand”. 

                    Concentrate on manufacturing all the time, JINGXIG is the earlier enterprise to import DREISTERN’s new generation Germany automatic rolling mills with continuous punching and roll-forming function. Moreover, there are other advanced imported manufacturing equipment such as static powder coating equipment from GEMA Switzerland, automatic welding robots from ABB, laser cutting machines from MESSER. In order to fulfil national and European standards, there are FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and structural test for precise designing selection and comprehensive detection via self-made testing equipment fulfilled EN standards. The company has gained the market access qualification for advanced area such as Australia and Europe.

                    As the impeller of industry development, JINGXING always emphasizes on technical innovation and industry. In 2010, the company built the municipal R&D center “Shanghai warehouse and logistics equipment engineering technology research center”, and has carried out a long-term production cooperation projects with Donghua University, Tongji University and other colleges. JINGXING has acquired over 10 authorized patents for inventions and more than 120 proprietary patented technologies. The company also leads and participates in the compiling work of several National Standards and Industrial Standards concerning storage equipment. 

                    JINGXING always try its best to provide full series of storage and logistics equipment solution based on customer requirement and the enterprise spirit of “DAY AFTER DAY, WE TRY OUR BETTER THAN BEST”. Currently, there are many customers all over the world from various industries such food & beverage, commercial distribution, electrical & electronics, Chemical & Pharmaceutical and the 3rd logistics industries. Since its establishment, JINGXING has successfully made more than 15,000 projects of various logistic racking system home and abroad, and 1,200 AS/RS system projects among them, which makes JINGXING a good reputation and fame in the storage and logistic business.

                    Insisting on the concept of “Openness, fair competition, Inclusiveness and Innovation”, JINGXING is constantly progressing in the way to be the world-class professional manufacturer of storage and logistics equipment.

                    Company history

                    • the company was registered as “Shanghai Jingxing Rack factory”
                    In 1989
                    • the first selective racking warehouse was built by JINGXING in China.
                    In 1990
                    • the industrial standard “the technical conditions of welded steel structure in the racking warehouse” was made by JINGXING.
                    In 1991
                    • the Xinzhuang factory was built in Minhang district.
                    In 1999
                    • JINGXING obtained exporting & importing certificates, and ISO9001 certificate.
                    In 2002
                    • JINGXING was certified “ the Top 500 Mechanical Enterprises”.
                    In 2002
                    • the Songjiang factory was built.
                    In 2003
                    • JINGXING was entitled “Advanced Enterprise in Shanghai”.
                    In 2004
                    • the brand “JINGXING” was honored as “Shanghai Famous Brand”. The longest rack supported warehouse was built in China.
                    In 2006
                    • JINGXING was entitled “Shanghai Technical Giant Enterprise”
                    In 2007
                    • JINGXING participated in the compiling work of the standard “automated storage and retrieval system - general rules”, and gained “The High-tech Enterprise Certificate”.
                    In 2008
                    • JINGXING was certified “the Shanghai Famous Brand” and “the Top 100 Competitive Private Enterprise”.
                    In 2009
                    • Shanghai warehouse logistics equipment engineering technology research center was built in JINGXIG. The company is certified “the Top 10 Satisfying Brand of the logistics industry in China”. Moreover, JINGXING also led and participated in the compiling work of the standard “Assembled steel rack structure for high-bay warehouse-Technical requirements”.
                    In 2011
                    • one ultra-high rack supported warehouse was built by JINGXING in a foreign country. The company was certified “the Most Competitive Brand in the China’s Logistics Equipment Industry” and “the Shanghai Patent Experimental Enterprise Unit”.
                    In 2014
                    • the Huzhou factory was start the construction. JINGXING won “the award for technology and innovation in China’s logistics equipment industry (Rack supported technology)”
                    In 2015
                    • JINGXING was certified “the Top 50 Private Enterprise in Shanghai” and “the Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprise in Shanghai”
                    In 2016
                    • JINGXING was the first batch of “The demonstration enterprise on quality safety of the exported industrial products in the advanced manufacturing industry”.
                    • From its establishment, the company has built more than 15,0000 various AS/RS warehouses.
                    In 2017
                    • 2018LT Innovation Application Award(Qingdao Sen Kirin AS/RS)
                    • Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award
                    In 2018

                    Qualifications and certificates

                    • Qualification certificate of honor
                    • The patent certificate of technical qualifications
                    • Technical standard
                      • The Shanghai high-tech enterprise from 2014 to 2017
                      • Shanghai warehouse logistics equipment engineering technology research center
                      • Shanghai famous brand from 2017 to 2019
                      • Shanghai famous trademark from 2015 to 2017
                      • Top 50 private manufacturing enterprise in Shanghai
                      • Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award
                      • 2017 China famous brand logistics
                      • ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification
                      • ISO14001: 2004 environment management system certification
                      • Safety production license
                      • AAA Contract credit level
                      • Importing and exporting certification from 2001
                      • The construction enterprise qualification from 2005
                      • The award for the technology & innovation in China’s logistics equipment industry
                      • The certificate on encouraging the national technical standard compiling work
                      • The membership certificate of China heavy machinery industry association
                      • Top 100 private technical enterprise on tax-paying in Shanghai
                      • The award for Top 10 satisfying brands
                      • The 3rd price of scientific advancement in Shanghai
                      • The A-type credit level enterprise in Shanghai
                      • The patent cultivation enterprise in Shanghai
                      • Enterprise competitiveness Award – Top 100 enterprises on market competitiveness
                      • A vertical stackable automatic warehouse cabinet
                      • A management system and method of B/S structure-based automatic ASRS warehouse
                      • A double-pillars alley-type stacker crane
                      • A method of continuous operation for lifting conveyors
                      • An automatic hydraulic cutting system for rack continuous rollers
                      • A barcode-positioning stacker crane
                      • An order dispatching method for automatic ASRS warehouse management and monitoring system
                      • A conveying cart with changeable tracks
                      • A circular conveyor without chain supporting
                      • A method of continuous cutting with fixed length for perforated material
                      • A hydraulic damping device
                      • A method of quick & accurate positioning and stepless speeding for stacker crane
                      • An operation document management software of logistics and storage V1.0
                      • A monitoring management software of logistics and storage V1.0
                      • A vehicle dispatching management system of the logistics enterprise V1.0
                      • A commodity order management system of the logistics enterprise V1.0
                      • A RGV management software V1.0
                      • An electronic label picking software V1.0
                      • A servo-tracking controlled conveying cart
                      • A cantilever device of automatic ASRS warehouse
                      • Assembled steel rack structure for high-bay warehouse - Technical requirements (Industrial standard)
                      • Automated storage and retrieval system - General rules (Industrial standard)
                      • Assembled steel rack structure for high-bay warehouse - Technical requirements (Industrial standard)

                    Documents download

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